LOSCH Airport Service GmbH impression in theory and practice

At the invitation of BDJ Versicherungsmakler GmbH & Co. KG as well as LOSCH Airport Service GmbH the participants at Stuttgart Airport were able to get an impression in theory and practice of the technical invention of LOSCH Airport Equipment GMBH. Dr. Max H. Losch managed in an understandable way to explain the materia to the audience from aerospace companies, trade associations and insurances and to convince the listeners that the technical and patented achievements not only contribute in a substantial way to the safety of people and lives but due to a reduced damage potential also lead to an optimized process for the ground services thus leading to a quicker "turn around" of the affected aircrafts. Presented in detail were the parkstopper, door sensors (safety shoe) and the sensor technology for toilet service units (Losch Car Sensor System - LCSS) as well as the distance detector for conveyor belts (Losch Anti Collision Assistant - LACA).



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